Like you, we want young people to have the tools they need to be happy and successful. We believe mindfulness practice provides these tools, and we’re proud to offer a program that helps teachers easily integrate mindfulness into their classes. We’ve carefully woven our core values into the ModMind program:

  • Consistent, daily practice is key to success.
  • Students must be validated and empowered.
  • Using our own experience creates authentic mindfulness teaching.

The ModMind program grew from the experience of its core creator, Soryu Forall. He has been a dedicated mindfulness practitioner for over 24 years and since 2008 he has taught mindfulness to youth through classroom visits and his innovative after school programs like Mind the Music. Having seen and practiced many strategies for teaching mindfulness, Soryu concluded that empowering classroom teachers to become mindfulness teachers led to the most sustainable success for students. In 2011, with a team of mindfulness experts and public school teachers and students, ModMind was created specifically to break through the obstacles common for teachers new to mindfulness.

More than 1,100 educators have used ModMind in 16 U.S. states, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

In 2015 the ModMind team began to partner with individuals, schools, and organizations to provide customized online programs. Through these partnerships, others can use the power of our online platform with their own custom teaching material. We’re very excited to be working to help other mindfulness teachers with our technology, so please contact us for more details.

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